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Malaga and east part
Malaga to Gibraltar

Apartments 1 - 2 bedrooms
Apartments 3 bed. and more
Villas 2 bedrooms
Villas 3 bedrooms
Villas 4 bedrooms
Villas 5 bedrooms and more

heated pool
Tennis court
Properties right on the beach

Longterm rentals


Andalusia (Andalucía Spanish) is from the 17 autonomous communities on the mainland in the most southern part of Spain. Andalusia bordered to the north of Castilla-La Mancha and Extremadura and in the south of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean. In the east it is bordered Murcia and to the west to Portugal. The capital of Andalusia is Seville. The most important natural areas are the southern Andalusia mountains of the Sierra Morena, the basin of the Guadalquivir and the Betic Cordillera, which includes the Sierra Nevada. The Campo de Gibraltar, the rock of Gibraltar is the most southern part of the European mainland. At Tarifa, the most southern city, Europe and Africa is only 14 km apart, separated by the Strait of Gibraltar. Especially famous is the region also through their music and flamenco.

Properties in the selected area:

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